Wealth Creation Module

Looking to wealth from stock markets?Stock Wizaards Trading Academy trains you with skills required to create lifetime wealth from stock markets.Investing in stocks generates wealth over a long period of time.

Learn to make money in stock markets-Get complete course details.

Wealth creation requires to pick growth stocks and consistent trading strategies.

Get consistent with your investing and trading strategies to create long term wealth in stock markets.

Wealth creation training

Value stocks

Learn how to choose growth potential stocks with our wealth creation training module.We teach professional way of picking value stocks like Discounted cash flow models etc.

Trading strategies

You will learn best trading strategies with low risk and high rewards potential for consistent income generation from stock markets.It just helps in growing your wealth overtime.

Longer term growth

Wealth creation does not happen overnight.You need to have patience and right approach to grow wealth from stock markets.Longer term vision is a must for every investor.

Risk diversification

Reduced risk and consistent growth produces best wealth creating opportunity in stock markets.Your risks will be diversified and distributed well enough to protect your capital.

TWO BIG REASONS to focus on wealth creation


You can expect consistent returns on your capital with our wealth creation training module.

Tax benefits

Long term investment in stocks for wealth creation has great tax benefits for you.

Training during market hours

Live Training

Learn through live sessions

You will learn live with us.This will allow you to understand stock trading and investing strategies in a better way.You can clear your doubts during live sessions.

Become a better trader and investor

We will provide you with all the tools which will set you apart from your competitors.You need to have an edge over other traders and investors.

6 months after class support

You will get complete support after completing your training with us completely free for next 6 months.Within 6 months time, your stock trading and investing skills will improve drastically.

Wealth creation module Learning track

Let your capital grow with our long term wealth creation process.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Market Basics

Understanding Market Psychology

Money Management

Introduction To Technical Analysis

Begin With Trading

3rd Week


Level 2

Advanced Technical Analysis

Key Fundamentals

Risk Management

Advanced Strategies

Mastering Day Trading

4th week


Level 3

Hedging Strategies

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding Volatility

Long Term Investment