Technical analysis training Module

Looking for a technical analysis class? Stock Wizaards Trading Academy teaches you with basics of technical analysis and advanced way of using it.Learn to use indicators in a right way and also a way of trading without indicators using pure price action technique.

Learn to make money in stock markets-Get complete course details.

Technical analysis is a way of understanding price change using graph models.

Learn to use technical analysis like professionals for Stoploss, Entries and Exits (SET).

Technical Analysis Training

No indicators

Trade without using indicators with our advanced price action technique.You will learn when to avoid indicators and when to use indicators for consistent profits.

Chart Patterns

Identify useful chart patterns to enter and exit your trades.You don't have to remember all of the chart patterns.Only learn the ones which is widely used by other traders.

Time the market

Market timing is highly impossible but you can be right most of the times.Learn to identify reversal spots using support and resistance theories of technical analysis.

Stoploss, Entry and Targets

Technical analysis makes it easy to identify entry points of your trading.Using other tools with entries,you can determine target price ranges and stoploss price.

TWO BIG REASONS to learn technical analysis

Easy to use

Technical analysis is much more easy to use than compared to fundamental analysis.

Go with majority

Majority of traders use technical analysis for their trading.Take trades which majority of traders will be looking for.

Training during market hours

Live Training

Learn through live sessions

You will learn live with us.This will allow you to understand stock trading and investing strategies in a better way.You can clear your doubts during live sessions.

Become a better trader and investor

We will provide you with all the tools which will set you apart from your competitors.You need to have an edge over other traders and investors.

6 months after class support

You will get complete support after completing your training with us completely free for next 6 months.Within 6 months time, your stock trading and investing skills will improve drastically.

What will you learn in technical analysis training

Technical analysis removes the headache of reading financial statements of company.It makes the overall execution process easy.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Technical analysis introduction.

Candlestick charts

Bar charts

Renko charts

Heiken ashi charts

3rd Week


Level 2


Price action techniques

Support and resistance

Trading in zones

Trading systems

4th week


Level 3

Time frames

Triple time frame filter

Big picture overview

Combining multiple time frames

Advanced tools