Swing Trading Module

Want to become expert in swing trading? Stock Wizaards Trading Academy provides you high probability swing trading strategies.Our swing trading module focuses on low risk high reward trades and risk management.

Learn to make money in stock markets-Get complete course details.

Swing trading is holding an overnight positions in financial securities like stocks,futures etc.

Swing trading can be very profitable if you learn to reduce overnight gap risks. 

Swing trade like professionals With Our Training

Margin Required

Margins for swing trading is little higher than day trading.This is because of uncertain market risks.Your overall margin requirements are reduced when you create hedging positions.

Gap Risks

Overnight gap risks are the biggest threats when you swing trade.Your entry exit and stop loss strategy should be fine tuned before taking swing trading positions.

Price Action

We focus on price action strategies for swing trading and do not depend on lagging indicators.You will learn a better way of trading price action with this swing trading module.

Limit Your Loss

You have to learn how to limit your losses if you want to be a professional swing trader.Its always better to hedge your positions for risk reduction in swing trading.

TWO BIG Advantages of swing trading

Higher Accuracy

Swing trading has higher accuracy and greater chances of succeeding if compared with day trading.

Reduced Online Presence

You don't have to be online every single day.There is no need to keep watching your terminal every second.

Training during market hours

Live Training Classes

Learn through live sessions

You will learn live with us.This will allow you to understand stock trading and investing strategies in a better way.You can clear your doubts during live sessions.

Become a better trader and investor

We will provide you with all the tools which will set you apart from your competitors.You need to have an edge over other traders and investors.

6 months after class support

You will get complete support after completing your training with us completely free for next 6 months.Within 6 months time, your stock trading and investing skills will improve drastically.

What will you learn in swing trading module

Stock training to full-fill your financial needs and goals. We offer a continuous mentoring program on demand.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Basics of swing trading

Neglecting indicators

Understanding overnight risk

Choosing best assets to swing trade

Using price action

3rd Week


Level 2

Converting position into swing trade

Understanding leverage

Risk Management

Advanced Strategies

Mastering swing Trading

4th week


Level 3

Hedging Strategies

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding open interest

Monthly income generation