Institutional Orders Training Module

Want to catch the big price movements in stock markets? Stock Wizaards Trading Academy trains you to identify potential institutional orders to catch the big price movements.

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Institutional orders are the reason for big price change

Big price change in stock markets happens because of institutional orders.

Trade in the direction of institutions

High accuracy

Trading in the direction of institutions improves your trade consistency.You will learn how to identify institutional levels to enter your trades where chances of success are higher.

Higher probability

When you start trading in the direction of institutional order flow, probability of success of your trades becomes higher.You should avoid taking trades in opposite directions of institutions.

Order flow

All orders of institutions are not filled at once.Institutions like mutual funds and hedge funds buy and sell in large quantities which may not get filled on a single trading day.

Trade unfilled orders zone

Price areas where pending orders of institutions are available is called as unfilled order price levels.You can trade these zones for consistency once you learn to identify them.

TWO BIG REASONS to learn institutional orders

High probability trades

You will take trades that has highest ratio of success because of unfilled institutional orders.

Low risk

Learn to trade with a very small risk over all asset classes like stocks,futures and options etc.

Training during market hours

Live Training

Learn through live sessions

You will learn live with us.This will allow you to understand stock trading and investing strategies in a better way.You can clear your doubts during live sessions.

Become a better trader and investor

We will provide you with all the tools which will set you apart from your competitors.You need to have an edge over other traders and investors.

6 months after class support

You will get complete support after completing your training with us completely free for next 6 months.Within 6 months time, your stock trading and investing skills will improve drastically.

What you will learn in institutional orders module

Trading in the direction of institutional order flow reduces your risk and provides great consistency.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Demand zone and supply zone

Unfilled order quantity

Types of institutions

Institutional behavior

Begin With Trading

3rd Week


Level 2

Advanced Technical Analysis

Key Fundamentals

Risk Management

Advanced Strategies

Mastering Day Trading

4th week


Level 3

Hedging Strategies

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding Volatility

Long Term Investment