Fundamental analysis Module

Want to learn how to find real value of stock through fundamental analysis?Stock Wizaards Trading Academy teaches you a professional way of finding right value of stocks through fundamental analysis.

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Fundamental analysis helps in finding intrinsic value of stocks

Though income statement and balance sheet you can identify the right price of a stock.


Balance sheet

Balance sheet of any company provides an overview of how well its performing in current scenario.You need to keep an eye on assets and liabilities of companies you are interested in.

Cash flow analysis

A company without strong cash flow is a sinking ship.Good incoming cash flow is a plus for company.You will learn to evaluate and understand listed companies using cash flow statements.

Intrinsic value

Find out the real worth of any given stock.Whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued,there is a way to find out the real value of stock called as intrinsic value.

Key ratio analysis

With fundamental analysis, you can find out key ratios of companies like PEG ratio,P/E ratio and Debt To Equity ratio etc.These ratios help in identifying growth potential companies.

TWO BIG REASONS to use fundamental analysis

Growth Stocks

You will be able to identify growth potential stocks using fundamental analysis for your investments.

Avoid Bad Stocks

Never invest in fundamentally weak stocks.You can identify weak performing companies and avoid them.

Training during market hours

Live Training

Learn through live sessions

You will learn live with us.This will allow you to understand stock trading and investing strategies in a better way.You can clear your doubts during live sessions.

Become a better trader and investor

We will provide you with all the tools which will set you apart from your competitors.You need to have an edge over other traders and investors.

6 months after class support

You will get complete support after completing your training with us completely free for next 6 months.Within 6 months time, your stock trading and investing skills will improve drastically.

What will you learn in fundamental analysis

Stock training to full-fill your financial needs and goals. We offer a continuous mentoring program on demand.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Introduction to fundamental analysis

Using P&L statements

Understanding balance sheet

Timing with technical analysis

Identifying value stocks

3rd Week


Level 2

Finding real worth of stock

Cash flow statements

Key ratio analysis

Generating ideas

Discounted cash flow model

4th week


Level 3

Trading using fundamental analysis

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding Volatility

Long Term Investment