Day Trading Training Module

Want to become a professional in day trading?Stock Wizaards Trading Academy get you going with the rules of day trading.Day trading in stocks and future contracts can be tricky and annoying for most of the beginners.So getting yourself trained is the best way to succeed.

Learn to make money in stock markets-Get complete course details.

Day trading needs simple strategy

You need to pick a proven day trading strategy which is simple to understand and execute.

Succeed In day trading With Our Training

Low Capital

Start with very low capital at the beginning.You need to develop consistency and than go for bigger capital.Starting with small size capital will reduce your risk potential.

Proven Strategies

Use our proven strategies to create a consistent monthly income through day trading.Our strategies are designed to trade in all type of market conditions.We keep it very simple every day.

Percentage Rule

Follow our percentage rule for day trading success.Your overall capital is protected by per trade percentage rule and daily percentage rules.You just have to follow the rules to succeed.

SET-Stoploss,Entry and Exit

Before taking a trade, you will be aware of your SET i.e. stoploss entry and exit price.Without SET,there is no trade.Risk per trade is predetermined with target price levels.

TWO BIG day trading pillars


If you are not disciplined enough,you will not succeed in day trading.So be a part of disciplined traders.

Market psychology

Market changes every day and you need to understand market psychology to make better trades.

Training during market hours

Live Training

Trade with us

We will trade live in markets and you can join us.This provides you a practical way of learning day trading skills.It just gets better with every day.

90 days surveillance

Whatever you trade with us or on our guidance,the end results will be shared with us.This will put you in continuous monitoring and enhance your consistency..

Avoid beginners mistakes

With our day trading training sessions,you will avoid mistakes every beginners make.Start with the right day trading concept and approach required to succeed.

Your day trading training schedule

Stock training to full-fill your financial needs and goals. We offer a continuous mentoring program on demand.

Week 1 &2


Level 1

Market Direction

Buy Or Sell Decision Making

Time Frame Selection

Risk Percentage Rule

Watch Us Trading

3rd Week


Level 2

You Start Trading

Order Types Explanation

Trading Terminal Tutorial

Using Advance Decline Ratio

Reducing Risk Further

4th week


Level 3

Advanced Day Trading Skills

Trading in 1 Min And 5 Min

Trailing Your Stop Loss

Making Your Trades Risk Free