Trade Essentials-Level 1-Online Course For 12 Days

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Trade essentials course is for Beginners and slightly experienced individuals in Stock Markets.Course consists of 12 days live mentoring sessions held online.

Trade Essentials Course Overview

What Will You Learn

  • Become expert trend trader.
  • Learn to invest in stocks for long term wealth creation.
  • Monthly income generation by trading stocks and derivatives.
  • Day trading setups that work.
  • Take complete control of your risks involved in trading and investing.

You can start with small amount of money and start your investing and trading journey.Once you gain experience in markets,you can invest more money continue with the process.

Introduction to Financial Markets

Overview of

  • Stock Market
  • Interbank Market
  • Forex Market
  • Understanding Primary markets and Secondary Markets
  • IPO analysis

Fundamental Analysis

  • Reading financial statements
  • Picking stocks based on key ratios
  • Dividend strategy

Technical Analysis

  • Reading charts
  • Avoiding lagging indicators
  • Various forms of charts
  • Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Using volumes
  • Market Psychology
  • Wholesale and retail concept

Trend Trading Strategies

  • Swing trading using trends
  • Identifying uptrend and downtrend
  • Using stronger trends for your trades
  • Trading trends in different time frame

Portfolio Building

  • Diversifying portfolio
  • Adding trending stocks to your portfolio

Risk Management

  • Using Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Setting buying and selling limit
  • Bracket Orders
  • Using ATR
  • Quantification based on stop loss
  • Minimizing risk through hedging

Derivatives Trading

  • Future and options combo
  • Trading only options
  • Black scholes model for options


  • Complete revision of all concepts
  • Overview of some more advanced topics


Trade essentials level 1 course will give you a solid foundation and understanding of financial markets.You can trade and invest like professionals.Trade essentials level 1 course simplifies trading and investing process.

If you are looking for more in depth course you can view our Investing And Trading Personalized Mentoring Sessions-Level 3 course.

After Course Support

You will get additional 60 days support and updates from our side.You are eligible to attend our monthly mentoring sessions for next two months.


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