Investing And Trading Masterclass (ITM)-Level 2 Course

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Investing And Trading Masterclass (ITM)-Level 2 Course is 20 days online program.Retail traders looking to make investment and trading as their career can enroll for this course.Online classes will be conducted in batches.

Investing And Trading Masterclass (ITM)-Level 2 Course Overview

We have included only important topics here.Additionally to below mentioned topics,few other modules can be added to this course if required.

Fundamental Analysis

  • Using financial statements
  • Understanding key ratios like peg ratio,debt to equity etc.
  • Stock fair value calculator.

Technical Analysis

  • Understanding price action
  • Reading charts the right way
  • Support and Resistance
  • Trend trading
  • Volume analysis
  • Reading market psychology
  • Swing trade setups
  • Positional trade setups

Risk Management

  • Using stop loss at right place
  • Trailing your stop loss
  • Carry forwarding stop loss
  • Capital utilization
  • Quantification

Option trading module

  • Understanding options basic
  • Right way of options premium calculation
  • Avoiding beginners mistake in options
  • Trading time value
  • Black Scholes Model
  • Using Option Chain
  • Implied volatility is your edge
  • Volatility Index
  • Weekly options selling strategy
  • Monthly options selling strategy

Hedging Strategies

  • Hedging your portfolio
  • Arbitrage and reverse arbitrage trade setup
  • Futures-options hedging combo

Institutional order flow bundle-Tracking FII’S and DII’S

  • Understanding how institution works
  • Trading Institutional gaps
  • Trading in institutions direction

7 Extra Trade Boosters

  • Used for high probability trade setups
  • Triple filtering
  • Using extreme zones

Day Trading Module-Add-on

  • Picking direction for day trade
  • 15 days access to day trading room
  • Day trading strategy that works

Final Touch

  • 2 days revision session
  • Q&A session


Investing And Trading Masterclass (ITM)-Level 2 Course covers almost all major terminology used in financial markets.We don’t use lagging indicators for our trade setups.We have simplified complex topics and all strategies are super easy to use in everyday market.

Identifying institutional orders for trades,Swing trades for monthly income generation and portfolio building are core topics of this course.

If you need 1 on 1 live sessions you can buy ourĀ 1 On 1 Personalized Mentoring Sessions-Level 3 course.





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