Day Trading | Complete Guide-2018 Update


Have you ever wondered why you are not successful in day trading ?

Specifically you kept on trying different strategies in day trading and still it didn’t work out for you?

I have wondered plenty of times,every single day before I became successful in day trading.

Long back in 2011 when i was really struggling in day trading,I kept on getting thoughts inside my mind to quit day trading.

Without a doubt I was successful in positional trades and swing trades from 2006,day trading was the only issue for me.

I really wanted to know whether day trading works or not?

Probably differentiating day trading with other styles of trading is the real key for your success.

How many of professional day traders you have seen with real ledger balance?

Hardly few day traders show there real performance.

If you do not day trade with discipline,chances are higher that you might completely deplete your capital.

Keep your entire day trading process very simple.

Day trading requires lots of skills and patience for one to become successful.

You will be have to be super fast when making day trading decisions.We are going to learn here day trading strategies and tips that really work well in everyday market.

Whether you are a beginner day trader or experienced,this guide is going to help you in making better decisions in day trading.

If you are really frustrated with lagging indicators or not getting results after trying a lot in day trading than this guide is for you.

Lets begin now..

Running out of time and need to save this guide ??

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From understanding the basics of day trading and mastering the advanced strategies this guide covers it all.


  1. What is day trading
  2. Day trading for beginners
  3. Day trading strategies,tips and techniques
  4. Intra day Trading
  5. Candlestick patterns for day trading
  6. How to read candlestick chart for day trading
  7. Day trading academy
  8. How to pick Stock for day trading in India
  9. Day Trading secrets
  10. Stop loss in day trading
  11. Best combination of indicators for day trading
  12. How much one can earn in day trading in india
  13. How to use ADX indicator for day trading
  14. Best Volume indicators for day trading
  15. How to find support and resistance in day trading
  16. Best day trading books
  17. Day trading strategies India
  18. Best technical Indicators for day trading
  19. Day trading rules
  20. Crude oil day trading strategy
  21. How to use Bollinger bands in day trading
  22. How to do day trading
  23. Download day trading strategies pdf
  24. Most volatile stocks for day trading in India
  25. Previous day high and low trading strategy
  26. Best moving average for day trading
  27. High beta stocks for day trading
  28. Leverage in day trading-Double edged sword
  29. Advanced day trading modules
  • Quantification in day trading
  • Risk management in day trading
  • Advance And Decline Ratio
  • Index direction for day trading

31.Conclusion and top 25 key day trading points

What is day trading ?

“Day trading is a process of buying or selling financial instruments listed on trading exchanges like stocks,stock futures,currencies,commodities,stock options etc and exiting the positions on same day with profit or loss.”

You will get minimum 10 times of leverage in day trading.

This means if you have an capital of Rs 10,000 you can trade for Rs 1 lakh.

Brokerage is charged for this extra leverage.

Are you new to DAY TRADING ?

Start with the easy to understand video about day trading.

It’ll quickly cover the basics:




Chapter 1-Day trading for beginners

Real truth is beginners loose money is day trading.

At the beginning if you are a beginner you might have seen little success in day trading.

But eventually over a long period of time lets say 1 week to 1 month time you might start getting looses.

If you are really successful for more than 1 month than you should stick to your trading plan.

The biggest mistake beginners make in day trading is with stop loss.

You have full control on how much money you can afford to loose in a single trade.

With the new bracket orders facility you can easily apply stop loss orders when you are executing buy or sell orders.

Below you can read day trading tips especially for beginners.

Day Trading Tips For Beginners

You don’t have to overload your charts with lots of lagging indicators.

Have a simple-defined strategy and rule based system to follow.

Whether you use indicators for your trade setups or you work with purely price actions these following key factors have to be considered.




1.Know whether to buy or sell in intraday/day trading

Yes you need to decide whether to buy or sell on the particular trading day.

Deciding this needs you to understand market psychology and could improve your trading results if implemented properly.


2.Stick to 1 good strategy with minimum 30%accuracy

30 % is the minimum accuracy required by your strategy to be inside profit zone overall in a month.

So choose any 1 strategy that is performing well.


3.Take trade with minimum 1:3 risk to reward.

Yes-this is the key for your success over long run in trading.

And if you go below 1:3 than you need to be right 50 % of the time.

By keeping minimum risk to reward as 1:3 –you need to be right only 3 times out of 10 trades to become profitable.


4.Take 1 trade per day to avoid brokerage losses and over trading.

This will keep you away from over trading.Your losses will be minimum.

You don’t have to pay unnecessary brokerage charges which increases when you over trade.


Let us show you some day trades we took recently to boost your confidence.


Day Trading Live Profits-25/10/2017

Check below.We have booked 1000 Rs profit in 30 min of trading sessions today.We took the retracement or pull back that happened in PNB (NSE stock)



Watch our video to see real profit in today’s day trading.




Day Trading With Leverage

​New beginners find day trading almost an sure shot way to make quick money.

And they come to stock market without knowing the basics of stock markets.

​Price movement excites them to enter and take a trade.

They start thinking leverage they get from there stock brokers.

​Indeed it is important to realize that leverage is very useful if used with proper risk management.

You should understand how to manage your risk in day trading.

​Than only you will be able to use leverage in your favor.

Or else you will become a victim of leverage which will blow your account to zero.

You will come to know how a trader typically starts there trading routine with our completely free guide.


Day Trading Process-Your Step By Step Guide

These questions arise in every day traders mind.

First lets try to learn how to become a successful day trader.

Day trading is repeated process over several months or more than a year.

So you need to understand that day trading involves high risk and can be perfected only with discipline and emotional control.


So lets break down to one by one about day trading.

Day trading needs perfection over strategies,risk management and control over your mind.

If you are looking to perfect your day trading skills than you are at right place.

We are providing this day trading course module absolutely free for beginner traders and experienced professionals.

Beginner traders are at high risk when involved in day trading.

As day trading needs high skills and technology to make consistent profits, you may wonder what are those high skills and technology.

Well you can see below what exactly you need to start your day trading career.


Day Trading Pre Requirements


1.Fast internet connection

Yes you need a very good fast internet connection with good configuration desktop or laptop for opening multiple charts and fast order execution.


2.Best trading platform

Your trading platforms should have good charting tools and market depth info.

You should be able to view market heat map,advance decline ratio,filters to see high,low making stocks instantly and much more.

Take a look at all tools we use for our day trading below.


day trading software


In the above image,chart clarity is very good in above chart.Do not use those trading platforms where you don’t have access to crystal clear charts and advanced tools for trading.


Below image shows A(advance) & D(decline) values at top.




Understanding Market Sentiment for day trading

Where “A” stands for advance and “D” stands for decline.

Look at advance decline ratio shown in above image.

Therefore this is important for your trading decisions.

You get an indication of market sentiment.



We use this above shown dynamic tool filter to instantly spot stocks making new lifetime high/low or day high and low.


Market heat map is very essential for day trading.

You can instantly spot how various sectors are performing.

Quickly you can look for opportunities in stocks of specific sectors performing with heavy volume.



You can see various tools available in this platform.

This will enhance your overall day trading methodology.

As a result, advanced tools in your trading can provide you an edge over other retail traders.


day trading software advanced tools


In the above image,you can see how fast you can spot stocks making high and low instantly when you run this filter.


3.Fast order execution skills

Your orders should be executed instantly.

You should have bracket order facility in your trading platform.

This will help you in placing orders with stop loss,target and trailing stop loss orders in a single click.

Look below image for reference.


Day trading stock broker in India-Who is the best ?-Our suggestion

Sharekhan is the best broker providing there trade tiger software with all these features.

There mobile app is also very good.


day trading racket orders


4.Excellent understanding of marketsYour Index trend

If you want to become professional day trader than you should be aware of your index trend.

For example if you are trading from INDIA you should look at sensex and nifty trends.

Look below charts of sensex and nifty in 1 min time frame.


day trading in nifty


Clearly it was in downtrend from start of trading session.


Now take a look at SENSEX charts.Initially it went up and than continued its downtrend.



Your index is your key for direction you have to choose for your trades.

If its in uptrend than look for buying opportunities.

And if your index direction is in downtrend look for selling opportunities.

Some times it might be in a sideways trend or range bound market conditions.

You have to look for non trending strategies in these conditions.

Trending strategies works well only when clear trend direction is there.


5.Strategy with minimum 1:3 risk to reward approach

Each and every single trade you take in your portfolio should be minimum 1:3 risk to reward ratio trades.

If you follow this you will be in more profits when compared overall.Look below example.

With minimum 1 :3 risk reward on all of your trades you will be in win- win situation.


Day Trading Success Key Is Discipline

For example you have a stock at 100 Rs

You are purchasing 1000 quantity.

Your stop loss is Rs 1 i.e. Rs 1000 on this single trade.

And your minimum target is 103 i.e. Rs 3000 profit on this trade.

If you follow this for next 20 days lets see the outcome.

With just 30 % accuracy-means you will 3 trades out of 10 trades.

For 20 trades you win 6 trades and you loss 14 trades.

Your total loss on 14 trades= Rs 14000

Your total gain on 6 trades = Rs 18000

Net profit=Rs18000-Rs14000=Rs4000

Lets assume it percentage wise and you can make 4% of your capital without leverage.

If you use 10 times leverage you can make 40 % returns on your capital.


6.Trade log or tracking your trade performance regularly

You need to track your trades regularly.

When you start doing this you will have a clear statistics about your strategies and its performance.

In the same way you should have your trading statistics with you,so that you can review it every month.

If its good than stay with it.

Hence to become professional in day trading you have to log all of your trades.

You can add  daily p&l to it(profit and loss),entry date,exit date,target,stop loss and many more features.


How to reduce huge losses in day trading?

Your answer is below       


7.Discipline,discipline and discipline-Control over your emotions.

This is the biggest key for your success.

And if you are disciplined than you can make money in any trading conditions.

Discipline in day trading means to follow a system consistently for a long period of time.

If you are getting good results than you can continue it.

After all our main motive is to make money.

However trading system and strategies can be modified based on your output requirement.

Do not get frustrated and over trade.

That’s how you can stay away from all odds that can happen in day trading.


Above as you have seen a brief description about day trading lets jump into our Day Trading Strategies And Tips-Complete Free Guide For Beginners free course chapter 1.

Below you can see our free day trading course module.

To view our daily performance of day trading challenge that we have created click here.


Table of contents

1:    Pillars of trading

2:    Your index direction

3:    Advance and decline ratio for trading setups

4:    Understanding high imbalance in buyers and seller ratio

5:    Pre-determining entry,stop loss and target levels

6:    Trading strategies that work

7:    Risk management in trading

8:    Quantification-the best way

9:    Use of stop loss and trailing stop loss

10:  Tracking and Logging your trades

11:   Analyzing your trades and modifying strategies for better result’s

12:  Important key points to look for

13:  Trading Indian Markets


Begin with Chapter 1:   Pillars of trading

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