Day Trading-Top 25 Key Points For Beginners-Stock Wizaards


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What do you really need to become successful in day trading??


day trading most important key points


Day trading 4 most important points:

1.Know whether to buy or sell in intraday/day trading

2.Stick to 1 good strategy with minimum 30%accuracy

3.Take trade with minimum 1:3 risk to reward.By doing this you need to be right only 3 times out of 10 trades to become profitable.

4.Take 1 trade per day to avoid brokerage losses and over trading.

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Day trading-Introduction

​New beginners find day trading almost an sure shot way to make quick money.

And they come to stock market without knowing the basics of stock markets.

​Price movement excites them to enter and take a trade.

They start thinking leverage they get from there stock brokers.

​Indeed it is important to realize that leverage is very useful.

You should understand how to manage your risk in day trading.

​Than only you will be able to use leverage in your favor.

Or else you will become a victim of leverage which will blow your account to zero.

You will come to know how a trader typically starts with day trading.

Does day trading work?? or can we make money in day trading??or how to reduce huge losses in day trading??These questions arise in every day traders mind.

First you should have clear idea about how day trading works and what is at risk when you day trade.

High volatility of stock markets confuses you.

If you are one of them than wait for a while.

First go through basics of day trading.

Know about its advantages and disadvantages.

And you can follow our step by step guide to make good profits in day trading.


day trading key point


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What is day trading?

​First of all what is day trading ? Furthermore can an we make money through day trading ?

Day trading is buying or selling stocks.or any other traded financial instruments and exiting the positions on the same day within market hours.

​To put it briefly you need a proven system to make profits over a long period of time.

Indeed it is confusing to lot of  traders and investors.

​As it seems like it does not fit in there risk to reward ratios.

Therefore we in our day trading course teach live to the students during the market hours.

​You get leverage for buying or selling financial instruments in day trading.

Leverage can be very rewarding and therefore risky on the same time.

It could vary depending on stock brokers you choose.

​Nowadays majority of stock brokers provide 10 times of leverage of your investment amount to trade.

​​​It consist of selection of stocks on intraday basis by using various filters.

Either by external sources or filters available for day trading in there brokerage platform.

Proper selection of stocks is the key.

​We always have less time in day trading and we really need to be fast with our decision making skills.

Your key to win in day trading is proper execution of following points.

​1.Selection of stocks

2.Entering the trade with proper stop loss and target

3.And than turning your small profits into a big winner is the key.

​Now as you are aware of the basics,its time to learn day trading more deeply.

Lets understand in details about these day trading key points

Step 1 -Selection Of Stocks

​This is really tough for even experienced traders to exactly select stocks which can move greatly in there direction.You can easily avoid few stocks from taking a position.

​This could be frustrating for you either if it moves in your opposite way or does not move at all.

We will discuss the selection of stocks with in depth learning.

Step 2-Selection Of Time Frame To Trade

​You can choose from any time frame for intraday but not more than 30 min is what we suggest.

If you choose bigger time frame that is above 30 min your risk reward for intraday will surely not match.

​As it will make your stop loss bigger.

You can choose from these standard time frames- 1 min,3 min,5 min,10 min,15 min,30 min for day trading.

Step 3-Strategy To Enter A Trade

​We will discuss 2 core strategies which you can use in your trading for better results.

Entry into a trade should be very clear to you to avoid any kind of confusions.

To take proper entries we have set rules for you to follow.

​You have to make sure that you don’t miss out on any rules that you need to follow.

This is because the market movements tempts you to take a trade immediately which leads to wrong entry decision.

Step 4-Most important Rule Of Day Trading-Keeping Strict Stop Loss On Your Trade

​Stop has to determined when you enter a new trade every single time.

This stop loss protects your capital.

It can be either your individual loss taking capacity for a single trading day.

You can also keep rule based stop loss which we will discuss in detail.

Once stopped out stay away from that stock.

Look to take another entries till your daily stop loss limit reaches.

Step 5-Final step for day trading-Determining Where To Exit Your Trades

​You can have percentage wise defined target or risk to reward based targets.

Or else you can trail your stop loss for maximum profits.

It depends on how you want to take profits in a trade.

​For suppose we suggest exit at 10 % profit on your capital.

Actually this is very useful to avoid stock market greed.

We will discuss target identification in details below.

Combining All 5 Steps-Day Trading Setup-Free Learning

We are going to discuss here regarding pivot point strategy which we use in our day trading.

First comes which stocks to select for day trading.

We have rules to neglect few stocks which will not be good for trading.

So we take trades only in those stocks which follow our criteria.

Now this really important to enter a trade with good risk to reward approach.

For example lets look at an day trading setup below.​

Time frame we have taken for this example is 10 min.This is a 10 min time frame of abirlanuvo nse listed stock.


day trading with aditya birla nuvo stock


You have to look a which area stock opened at first 10 min.

If it is near PP as seen in the image we will not take the trade initially.

​Yet you have to wait for the stock to reach support or resistance area before entering a trade.

Now this stock came to the support area S1 near 1693.40 levels as you can see in the image above.

​Could you have taken the trade there ??? probably yes.

​We need to get piercing of candle at the support or the resistance line to take a trade.

So in this above example we will not enter the trade.Now lets look at another stock.


day trading with acc nse stock

ACC stock day trading setup below.

This is another stock named acc in national stock exchange.

If you look at this stock at its opening it was below PP and between S1 support.

So initially there was no trade in this.

​Once the stock came near S1 support and green candle pierced the s1 line we had an entry there.

​But the size of that green candle was the real issue.

It was to  big and our stop loss would be very big.So we will not take trade in this also.

​Then it came near to the second support line.

That is S2 and you can see after a long time there was piercing of S2.

But again the size of candle was big.

And nearest target would be S1 which will not give us even 1:1 risk reward.

So we don’t have any entry in this stock.Lets look at 3rd stock now.


day trading setup -adanient nse stock

This is adani enterprises stock listed in national stock exchange India.This stock opened below the PP.

Than it started moving towards S1 where we did not see any piercing pattern to buy this stock.

Near S3 also this stock did not give any buying patterns.

In overall this stock was in a downtrend.As per our this technique we don’t have an entry here.

Till now we have seen 3 charts.

Consider this as good examples of neglecting stocks for day trading.


day trading bata india nse stock


More day trading setups free for you

​Now lets look at few more charts which had good risk to reward entry.

This is the chart of bataindia stock listed in NSE national stock exchange india.

This stock had two entries on same day as per our pivot point technique.

​If you had taken the first trade at S1 you would have stopped out.

Than we had second entry at S2.Where the green candle just pierced.

​It gave us proper entry with very small stop loss of 1 Rs with a target of 5 Rs.

It was an excellent trade with great risk reward.In our course we will teach you why there was no trade at S1.

There was only one trade at S2 and it gave good profits.


day trading with cadilla hc nse listed stock


Lets see another stock with good entry.With risk reward of 1:6 this was excellent intraday trade.

With proper piercing of S1 line we had this entry which was very good to take.

Before this S1 setup there was no trade in this.So we had to wait for the proper entry in this trade.

Above mentioned example gave clear entry.

After taking this entry we could have trailed the stop loss for increased profits.

More Examples of day trading

Lets see one more stock with good risk reward setup before summarizing entire day trading setups.

This stock is cadilahc listed in NSE.Day trading really tests your patience.

Therefore this trade would have made you to wait until proper setup appeared.


free day trading right setup for trader


This is the last stock we are going to discuss about listed in NSE.

This stock had a piercing of candle at S1.

But as the size of candle was too big we will not take the trade.

After few more candles we got a second entry.

Therefore this was really good in terms of risk reward ratio of 1:4 roughly.

You could take this trade and it would have given you good profits.

Again trailing stop loss was the key for maximum profits.

​And you have seen which types of stock to avoid and which stocks pattern to enter a trade.

Discipline is the key for your success in day trading

We have seen examples of 6 stocks.

From above it is very clear that you have to wait for the right entry.

Avoid temptation created by sudden market movements.

This is called trading discipline.

Without which you can not make money in this financial markets.

In other words only good discipline will make you a good trader.

You need to stick to your rules.

And therefore by maintaining your discipline money will automatically flow into your trading account.

Lets summarize key bullet points from above examples.

Key points for day trading from above examples

​Key Point-1

Do not trade stocks which opens near PP i.e PIVOT POINTS initially.

Key Point-2

Wait for Piercing of candle at support line i.e S1, S2, and S3 to go long in the stock

Key Point-3

Wait for Piercing of candle at support line i.e R1, R2, and R3 to go short in the stock.

You should only trade when price reaches near support or resistance area.

Key Point-4

Size of the piercing candle  should not be too big.It should be small and on the positive side it should match minimum 1:3 risk reward.

And you should not take a trade where you don’t see minimum 1:3 risk reward.

This is a complete free guide for you to day trade.

​Hence keeping all rules mentioned above in this strategy you can enhance your day trading skills.For more profitable strategies and in depth knowledge,you can take a look at our day trading courses module or contact us.

​Now above mentioned is a single strategy that we have discussed.Once you set your strategies there are few more areas to look for to successfully day trade.

​Following are few other points every day trader might go through in there career.And you should be even more careful about these key points in order to trade successfully.

​Day trading key points to remember


This is where a trader has to be very careful when trades does not go in his direction.

Avoid frustration when stopped out.Unless you reach your daily loss limit you can continue to look for another stock for entry.

​Once you reach your loss limit than you should not trade again.Best thing is to switch off your trading platform and stay calm.

​2.Trading size:

This is another important area where a trader has to be careful.Either you can split you daily loss into two or more parts.Therefore take a trade position with only the value of your defined loss size.

​For example,

Rs 5000 is your daily risk taking capacity.

You should split it into 5 parts i.e.Rs 1000 each.Lets assume that you see a stock at Rs 100.

​And you want to take a trade at Rs 100.

Keeping Rs 99 as stop loss you can only take 1000 shares.

Therefore your maximum loss in that single trade will not exceed Rs 1000.

This way by entering in 5 different stocks you can diversify your trades in day trading.

​​3.Sticking With Same Strategy In day Trading:

​You have to stick with your strategy for at least 30 days before changing it or modifying it.

​This is really important as this will develop discipline in your trading.

Therefore you will come to know exact stats of your trading.

This way you can make any alterations in your trading at the end of the month if required.

​4.Staying in a trade:

​Probably this is where most of traders loose out.

And frustration develops as trade doesn’t move in there favor.

​They try to exit it and make another trade.Because of this there losses increase.

You should learn to wait in the trade.

And you should have a strong reason to exit the trade.Or else you have to be stopped out.

​5.Track your trades:

You will be provided with an automated excel sheet to track all your day trading/intraday trades on daily basis.

​Tracking your trades is very essential to improve your trading record.You can also download trading journal to track it or create your own.

​Nowadays there are many trading journal available online where you can keep track of all your trades.

​Therefore this completes our day trading guide.

Hope you have learned a valuable lesson.Hence you can finally take a look at our courses for becoming professional in day trading.


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We teach the right professional approach to trading.

You need an edge over other to succeed in day trading.

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​Benefits of our day trading courses

​1.First of all you will start from the most basics of day trading.

2.Understanding leverage.

3.Learn how to use leverage in your favor.

4.Entering a trade.

5.Stop losses and exits are most important.

​6.Where to apply proper stop loss.

​7.Exiting a trade when its not working for you is must and you will learn this in our  trading courses.

8.How to turn your small profits into big winner is the key in day trading.

9.Risk diversification.

10.Quantification is the most important part of trading.

11.Finally Day trading psychology is the last and the most important concept that we teach in our day trading courses.


We have attached few of our recent day trades which we took.Pivot points like support and resistance enhances your trading decisions.You can use pivot points for high probability trades.

Another important learning is identifying trend and trading it in the smallest time frame i.e. 1 min time frames gives good risk to reward on every trade.

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​Advantages And Disadvantages Of Day Trading


​1. Can be very profitable in short time.

​2.With proper knowledge and risk management one can make lots of money.

​3.No need to carry a position for next day.

​4.When practiced properly with knowledge over a long period of time one can make this as his/her full time profession.

​5.Needs only small investments

​6.Leverage is provided by broker.

​7.Multi choices to choose from when selecting stock,futures,option etc


​​1.Less time to think and take decision

​​2.Stock selection needs to be fast.

​3.Stock filtering required.

​4.More importantly fast execution needed.

​5.Could be very risky when traded in high volume.

​6.Without knowledge of stock markets and day trading risks and money management one can not be successful.

​7.Finally greed and fear comes in while in trading.

Risk Management In Day Trading

​Plenty of traders day trade while consistent are  those who understand how stock markets works.

And most of all they are very well with money management and risk management skills.

​Managing risk is key in stock market investment and trading.

​Without proper risk management one can not succeed in stock markets.And each trade taken has its own risk factor and we have to trade according to that risk.

And above all Trading is all about managing risk.

​And we are making decisions with mind and its winning over other minds.Therefore instead of theory lets talk with an example.

​For instance there is a stock with price of 100 Rs and you are buying it.

Before buying think about if this trade goes against you what should you do ??

Therefore ask yourself this question.Consider risk factors while taking a trade.

A perfect day trading setup should have an

​entry price,

stop loss

and ​exit price that is target.

So you will learn all these methods in our day trading courses.


Frequently Asked Day Trading Questions

​Q. Who can join our courses ??

Ans-Almost any one above 18 years of age can join our courses.

​Q.For how many days does classes go on ??

Ans-It depends on what courses you are selecting. Our express courses are for around 15 days and in depth courses goes for around 40 days.

​Q.How do we conduct classes ??

Ans-At present we are conducting classes online

Q.What are timings of  online stock market courses??

Ans-We are open 24/7 and therefore you can contact us to fix a batch for your self.And you can ask for any trading queries during trading sessions.

Q.What strategies do we teach in our courses ??

Ans-There are plenty of strategies out there but we cant either say which will work the best for you.

And we have our own strategy which we have been using for our own trades from many years.

And You can apply it in your trades since we teach you what we trade and use daily.

​Q.Other benefits of our courses??

Ans-We provide lifetime support for our students.And we have six months training practice classes after the course for free of cost.

Here students can discuss issues they face in there day trading.


Are you looking for free day trading resources ??

If your answer is yes than you are at the right place.

We know you are struggling to make profits in day trading.

So do we struggled in our earlier day trading life.

It took us years of practice to become successful in day trading.

Now its your turn to follow our foot prints and become a successful day trader.

So keeping this in mind we have tried to produce useful day trading resources for all the traders.

So to begin with lets start with basics of day trading.


What is typically day trading


It is buying or selling of any traded financial instrument and exiting the positions on the same day.

If you hold your positions than it is called as swing trading or  positional trading.


To dig deeper lets look at advantages of day trading from our free day trading resources data.


Top 5 advantages of day trading


1.You get plenty of leverage

Yes you heard the right thing.You get plenty of leverage in day trading.

And that could be more than 8 times of your investment amount/Capital approximately.

These days plenty of stock brokers offer more than 8 times.In forex you can get even up to 100 times and more of leverage on your capital.

Where there is more exposure there is more risk involved in it.

Therefore use of leverage should be according to your risk management.


2.Require small trading capital to start with

Yes its true.As mentioned above -to start of with day trading you require a very low capital amount.

What will be the best solution for you is start with a very low amount of capital.

And learn how to trade before you put you big hard earned money.


More advantages of day trading-Day trading resources


3.You can trade at your home-does not require office

You can comfortably sit at home and having a proper laptop/pc,internet connect and trading account is all what you need to day trade.


4.No need to carry the position overnight and get panic

Have you carried a positional trade way to high than your normal risk taking capacity??

Well many of us have done the same mistakes.So while day trading you exit the position on the same day and your risk is not carried overnight.


5.You define your own risk

Stop loss in day trading is what makes you measure your risk.

You can have percentage of risk assigned to day trading account.

And this means means you will not loose any amount above your defined risk each day.

To understand this better lets go through an example.For suppose there is a stock named “Abc” you thought of buying.

Its trading at $100 or any other currency based on your country.You kept its stop loss $99.

So you want to risk just $100 in this single trade.So you will buy 100 stocks of this abc company.Now your maximum loss will be just $100 in this single trade.

If your daily loss taking capacity is $1000 than you can take ten trades with $ 100 risk per trade.

So if you reach $1000 risk in your single trading day- its time to stop trading for that day and resume your trading next day.

This completes our top 5 advantages of day trading and now we can make a move to see from our day trading resources data that what are top 5 disadvantages of day trading.


Top 5 disadvantages of day trading-DAY TRADING RESOURCES


1.Requires high focus and lots of research

You need to focus on your trading without any distractions.It does require lots of research to become a successful day trader.

And you can either learn from already successful day traders or you need to spend time in from of your markets and learn by your mistakes.


2.You can loose your entire capital

This is very essential point to be aware of.As mentioned above you can loose your entire capital if you are not aware of risk management in trading.


3.You need to be in front of your trading platform majority of time

If you do scaling of positions when you are in trade that is modifying stop loss or going with a trailing stop loss and even booking a profit it demands your presence every time.


4.Mentally wipes you out

It is very challenging to day trade as it is the biggest battle of mind.You need to make decisions quickly and logically.Therefore mentally this could drain you a lot.


5.Needs best technology and high speed internet

Your trading platform should have all the essential filters that could be a pillar in your trading.This helps in filtering right stocks for you.

You can not be fast with a slow internet connection.So high speed internet and good trading platform is required.

In conclusion of above mentioned points you are now aware of top 5 advantages and disadvantages of day trading.

Most of all traders start day trading without knowing basics of it.As you have read the above listed pros and cons of day trading you are now ready dig deep into day trading.

Lets take our discussion to next level that is strategies to be used in day trading



1.Reversal pin bar

You can use this strategy for any time frame that you want.

After a sudden rise in price or sudden drop in price if you see a reversal pin bar a with high volume you can take an opposite direction trade.

Look at the below example how the stock prices reversed after an reversal pin bar came into play.


day trading resources -REVERSAL PIN BAR STRATEGY


2.Momentum continuation trade

During the opening hours of market if you see a good volume and big bullish or bearish bar it is a good to trade in that direction.

There has to be plenty of volume in it. And you have to wait until the prices retraces at least till the half size of candle.

Below take a look at how prices retraced a little and than continued in the direction of big bullish bar.







3.Pivot point strategy

This is most simplest of all strategies.When you see a candle or bar closing above support you can go long.

Whereas if you see a candle closing below resistance you can go short.You can keep previous candle high /low as your stop loss.Take a look at below chart.





4.Trend line breakout and breakdown strategy

Use a trend line in any time frame.When you see a candle breaking the trend line you can go in that direction.

You can use high or low of previous candles as your stop loss.

See below picture for more detailed explanation.



day trading trendline strategy


5.       % Based strategy for buying and selling stocks

If you see a stock which is more than two percent up or down you should look for its continuation.

Perfect way would be wait for that stock to retrace a little bit and than enter that trade. See strategy number 2 momentum continuation trade for example.

In conclusion you should note that there are plenty of day trading strategies to look for.You can only succeed with what works better for you.

Below you can see top 25 day trading key points to make a successful day trading career.





1.First-choosing the right stock broker

Choosing the right broker for your day trading is very essential.

Do not go for very cheap brokers thinking you will save money in brokerage.

And you need a fast execution platform and real time chart accessibility in your brokers trading platform.So be wise in selecting the right stock broker.


2.Choose the right trading size

Trading with very high volume can be very risky sometimes if it goes against your plan.

So considering this risk do not over size your trade.


3. Third-avoid greed

Greed develops once you start getting profits.

You start thinking of making more money and eventually you will loose out.

Stock with percentage based targets.And stop trading once you achieve your desired profits.

This will help you to avoid greed which kills many traders.


4.Avoid fear

Yes when you keep loosing in your trades you get haunted badly.Fear develops and holds you to take good trades that can be really profitable to you.

Stick with your day trading plan and avoid greed and fear.


5.Daily stop loss limit

Have your daily limit set which will be your buzzer to stop trading.If you hit your daily limit stop trading there itself.Normally 2-5 % of your capital is good daily stop loss limit


6.Sticking with your strategy

You need to choose and stick to one single strategy unless you can monitor the results from those strategies.

And for more accuracy we can add more filters to it.

7.Direction of your Index during day trading-Key points from day trading resources

Your index is what you have to follow.When you start your day first look at the index.

Look for number of advances and declines in stocks.

And this should give you an fair idea of where the index is moving.

This will help you out in day trading decisions.

Finally you can look for trend of your index.Stocks follow index most of the times.


8.No to over trading

Keep on trading and soon you will be wiped out.Yes this is true.

Have a limit on how many trades you can take per day.

Do not over trade.This will create more frustration.


9.Close watch at broker fees

Make a plan that how much volume you are going to trade.

Broker fees are charged majority of times based on overall volume.

And therefore if you trade in high volume and make a little money you will be in some loss as you have to pay the brokerage.


10.Not booking profits in day trading.

When you see good profits in your trade do not make mistakes of not booking your high profits.In a sudden moment all your profits can come down.You should book profits regularly.


11.Not trailing your stop loss

Stop loss should be trailed regularly with movement of stock prices.It will help you in making a trade risk free once you move your stop loss above your entry price.And trailing stop loss is very important for higher profits.


 12.Staying with loss and letting it erode your capital

Again and again this mistake is done by majority of traders.They hold to there stop loss and it keeps on becoming large and large.

Cut your losses when its small. And do not let it become big and erode your capital.


13.Staying calm when in a trade

Once you enter the trade just stay relaxed.Do not look at the charts and think its not moving so you can exit this trade and enter any other trade.

This will only increase your overall volume.Wait till you are stopped out after all you entered it based on your strategy.


14.Discipline discipline and discipline

Believe it or not you will make money only when you are disciplined with your own trading rules.

If you follow your rules money will be made automatically.

Discipline means not break your trading discipline when trades does not go your way.


15.Excellent risk to reward approach

Risk to reward is backbone of day trading.With low risk t reward you need more accurate strategies.

And with high risk to reward you can even make money with just 50 % accuracy.

Stick to risk to reward of 1:2.5 minimum.Any trade above risk to reward of 2.5 is a great high probability trade.


16.No to penny stocks for day trading

Trade good high volatility stocks which have good volume.

Do not get trapped with these cheap penny stocks for low price.

It moves very slowly and some times it becomes difficult to square off these penny stocks.


17.Choose time frame that fits you

Each trader is different and they have different trading needs.So you choose your time frame which suits your trading style.

Higher the time frame better the accuracy. And lower the time frame lower risk but less accuracy.


18.Do not get over confident

Over confident will entertain you to take very high risk trades.

And you will sooner be in pain of loosing your hard earned money.

Make use of market volatility but avoid being over confident.

Stop trading once your daily profits are achieved or you erode your daily stop loss limit.


19.Do not convert you day trade into positional trade

Completely exit your trades before stock market session ends.

This will help you avoid overnight risk exposure of positional trading.

Do not fall into the bad habits of converting your day trades into positional trades.


20.Be clear with entry, target and stop loss

These are three of the most important factors you should be aware of before taking a trade.

Be clear with your entry trigger methods.Secondly know where to exit or book your profits.

Third and final know your stop loss and keep trailing it.


Day Trading Resources-Last 5 day trading key points for you


21.Diversify during day trading

You have heard of diversifying portfolio when doing long term investment.

This could be done in day trading also.

You can look at various sectors on a given trading day and choose various stocks and diversify your risk.


22.Do not expect -instead trade what you see

Just don’t trade in a stock because you think it is going to go up or go down.

Instead look at charts and price movements to make a better trading decisions.

Anticipation will kill your trading.


23.Do not listen to news-Do not over-expect the news

Day trading with accordance to news could be sometimes very tricky.

You can see sudden high or sudden low n a particular stock but soon it will resume its own trend.

So avoid such news.


24.Not to trade when in confusion

Try to understand where the market is heading.Either it could be in a bullish mood or it could be in bearish mood.

When you cant understand where the market is heading it is better to wait and watch unless you get good understanding of whether to buy stocks or sell stocks.


25.Maintaining records of your trade

In conclusion  to our day trading resources,you should know that maintaining your daily trades is very essential.This would give you a better statistics of your trading.

You can utilize it to improve your trading skills.

Day trading is an art which has to be learned and perfected slowly.

We cover ourGo through our stock market course advance module

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