5 Stocks To Sell And 2 Stocks To Buy Today-Day Trading Ideas-NASDAQ

Day trading ideas can help you fast in picking stocks.I have added my view and what I am interested in today’s market.Do your own research before taking trades.

Best approach will be to stick with your own strategy and use them with these stock picks.I will be looking for 15 min breakout today.Lets start below with my stock picks and reasons for the day.

AAPL INC-Our Day Trading Approach-Selling

APPLE INC looks little weak.In today’s market our idea will be to trade short in AAPL stocks.Below you can find 15 min chart of AAPL INC.

You can use your existing day trading strategy or simply trade with 15 min candlestick breakout.It looks weak for now,as it has already broken daily supports.Its way to high right now to buy for day trading.




ADOBE INC -Our Day Trading Approach-Buying

ADOBE INC is looking to retest daily resistance levels of 256.My approach will be to buy it in day trading and exit if it shows signs of reversing around 255-256 levels.



ADP(AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING)-Our Day Trading Approach-Selling

ADP has already broken the daily support levels.It could just retest the next support levels of 132-130.If it fits my strategy,I will look to short it.




PAYPAL HOLDING INC-Our Day Trading Approach-Buying

PAYPAL HOLDING INC looks like approaching and retesting its resistance levels of 86.50-88 ,touched on 23-OCT-2018 high.My view on this is bullish for day trading.





ADSK-AUTODESK INCĀ Our Day Trading Approach-Selling

AUTODESK INC has rallied up from the low levels near 124 from 24-OCT-2018.I feel the pullback might just end in it.




CSX CORPORATION-Our Day Trading Approach-Selling

Expecting CSX CORPORATION to touch a new low in today’s market.It looks week overall.Use your strategy to make a selling decision.



VERISK ANALYTICS INC-Our Day Trading Approach-Selling

VERISK ANALYTICS INC looks like testing the support level of 112-114 for quite sometime now.It could just again test those levels today.I will be looking to short this stock if it fits our strategy.




Day trading is risky if you don’t understand how it works.Best way to day trade according to me is,keeping a simple strategy and following it for 90 days.

After that you need to evaluate your strategy.If its profitable,than stick with it or else change your strategy.Use small capital if you are a beginner.Do comment if you liked our stock picks for the day.If you made profits/loss by using this post it will be great to know through comments.Have a great day.

Risk disclaimer:We will not be responsible for any profit or loss made by anyone using this post.We are sharing what we feel is the best for today’s market.Do your own research before taking any day trading positions.

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