Day Trading Guide


Day trading is buying or selling a financial security with a aim of making profits and exiting the position on same trading day.Most important reason why traders like to do day trading is more leverage and no overnight risk.If done with extreme discipline and rules,a day trader can make a big fortune.

Lets look at an example below to understand day trading.

Assume that a person “A” is looking to buy “XYZ” company stock at $100.Let’s say Person “A” buys 1000 shares of XYZ company at $100.As soon as the prices of XYZ stocks reaches $101,person A sells his 1000 shares of XYZ company.Below you can see total profit made.Assume that above mentioned buying and selling happens on the same trading day.

No of shares bought=1000

Buying price=$100

Selling price=$101

Net profit=Selling price -Buying price*Number of shares=$101-$100*1000=$1000

To calculate your net profit in any type of trading,simply multiply the difference of buying price and selling price with total number of quantity.

Who can do day trading and how

Any individual who has a registered stock broker account can do day trading.You just need to have your demat account open for day trading.You can buy or sell stocks from your trading terminal.Trading terminals are software’s provided by your stock brokers.

You can manually place buy orders, sell orders and stop loss orders from your trading terminal.Another way to trade is to directly call your stock broker and place orders.Many professionals who are busy and not available to trade themselves place there order by calling their stock brokers.

Start with our day trading guide

Next step to do is to get started with our day trading guide.If you are looking for free day trading resources,you are at the best place.Select topics from below table of contents if you are looking for a specific topic.If you are a beginner to day trading,start with Chapter 1-Day Trading Introduction.


Start Chapter 1

Chapter 1-Indicators Guide For Beginners

Day Trading Guide

Table Of Contents

  1. Day Trading Introduction
  2. Understanding Your Index Direction
  3. Picking Right Stocks For Day Trading
  4. Sector Classification And Theory
  5. Advance And Decline Ratio
  6. Types Of Orders
  7. Using Pivots For Targets
  8. Percentage Rule To Follow
  9. Gap Up And Gap Down Trading
  10. Day Trading Strategies

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