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You Will Learn

  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • Trading Terminal/Platform Walk-through
  • Risk Management & Hedging
  • Investment & Trading Strategy

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About This Course

Stock Wizaards All In One Course is a 21 days program that includes fundamental analysis, technical analysis, options module, and day trading module. This course also provides 6 months add on after class support.

What are the class timings?

We conduct live classes between

Mon-Fri (1 PM-7 PM)

Sat-Sun(11 AM-4 pm)

Who Can Join This Course?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age and wants to become a full-time trader and investor.

Learn at your comfort

Our all in one course topics

We love to provide individual attention to our students through live 1-1 mentoring classes. This course covers

Day trading Module

  • Market direction for the day
  • 5 min and 15 min day trading strategy for stocks and futures contracts.
  • How to use daily support and resistance.
  • Picking stocks for day trading.
  • Reversal strategy.
  • Continuation strategy.
  • Bracket/ cover order.
  • How to use stop loss and trailing stop loss.
  • Using the trade log sheet to improve your trades.
  • Capital risk management.
  • Position sizing.

Fundamental Analysis Module

  • Understanding financial statements{ Balance Sheet/Cash Flow etc}.
  • Understanding of all ratios{P/B, Debt to Equity, P/E etc}.
  • Stock Valuation.
  • Cash flow models{ DCF}.
  • Sector-wise analysis.
  • The top-down and bottom-up approach.
  • Understanding financial institutions  {Hedge funds, mutual funds, investment banks etc}.
  • Valuation templates and tools.
  • Understanding and finding event catalysts.

Technical Analysis Module

  • Understanding price charts{Candlestick charts, Bar charts, Heiken Ashi charts, Renko Charts, etc.
  • How to use Support and resistance
  • All major candlestick patterns
  • Volume analysis
  • Reversal strategy.
  • Continuation strategy.
  • All types of market orders.{Bracket/ cover order}
  • How to use stop loss and trailing stop loss.
  • Institutional order flow analysis
  • Supply and demand strategies
  • Elliot wave
  • Fibonacci extension and retracement concept.
  • Trend trading.
  • Identifying multi-bagger stocks

Options Trading Module

  • Understanding Options Contracts.
  • Difference between ITM, ATM, OTM contracts.
  • Calculating intrinsic value
  • Volatility index explanation
  • Black Scholes model
  • Options greeks- Delta, Gamma, Theta, etc.
  • Professional options selling strategies.
  • Using the strike price selection calculator.

Learn Pro Skills

Transform Yourself Into A Full Time Investor and Trader

No Lagging Indicators

We don’t use lagging indicators in our trading setup. Learn to trade pure price action.

Stop Loss At Right Price Levels

Place stop loss at price levels, which are really not predictable. It should neither be too high nor too low.

Professional Risk Management

Learn how to manage risk like professionals. Determine capital risk, risk per trade etc.

Trade Log Sheet

Use our professional trade log sheet to analyze your overall trade stats and improve it further.

Jai Hari Shankar P R-Stock Market Trainer

Your Mentor

I am extremely delighted to share my 17 years of experience in stock markets with passionate individuals like you. Learning should be your first investment in stock markets.

Jai Hari Shankar P R

Investor, Trader, Mentor | Stockwizaards

Why Our All In One Course

Live Individual Attention Classes

Learn At Your Comfort

You can start your course and join online classes from your own home/location.

Simple And Effective

All our strategies are simple to use for beginners and experienced professionals and generates consistent income.

6 Months After Class Support

We extend our classes for additional 6 months after completion of your course.