BANKNIFTY Future Contracts

BANKNIFTY future contracts are derived from BANKNIFTY spot called as NIFTYBANK.

If you are just beginning with BANKNIFTY,you should read our beginners guide on what is BANKNIFTY.

There are 3 major future contracts of BANKNIFTY.

For an example,if current month is December,your current month contract will be of December expiry.

You will also have two more contracts of upcoming months,i.e. January and February month contract.

It is also classified as NEAR,NEXT AND FAR futures contracts..

You will have current month contract as the most actively traded type.As expiry day nears,you can notice significant change in open interest from current month contracts towards the next month contract.

Lot size of BANKNIFTY future contracts and explanation

Current lot size of BANKNIFTY future contract is “20”.This means if you buy or sell a contract, with every 1 point movement, you can make or lose 20 Rs.

To get more details of BANKNIFTY futures contracts like current price, annualized volatility, Cost of Carry etc visit NSE BANKNIFTY quote page.

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