BAJAJ-AUTO MAY 2019 Analysis

Monthly Trend-UP

Weekly Trend-UP

Daily Trend-UP

Preferable Trade Setup-Buy at support

Chart Analysis

BAJAJ-AUTO is currently trading inside the daily support level of 2915-3020.45.Trend in daily time frame chart is uptrend.Break of this support level will trigger more selling pressure in BAJAJ-AUTO.

BAJAJ-AUTO daily support level

Fib retracement level for BAJAJ-AUTO

Fibonacci golden level of 61.8 % for BAJAJ-AUTO is at 2937, which has been touched already.Buying entry as per fib retracement level is already triggered in BAJAJ-AUTO.Above mentioned daily support level of 2915-3020.45 and fib support level provides strong support level of 2915-2937.Current bounce in BAJAJ-AUTO looks strong.

BAJAJ-AUTO fib support level

Monthly support and resistance levels of BAJAJ-AUTO using NSE option chain data

As per NSE option chain data, support level for BAJAJ-AUTO is 2880-2900 and resistance level is 3100-3200.

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