Stock Market Training With Strategies That Work-No use of indicators

Stock Wizaards Trading Academy Focuses on Advanced trading and investing strategies which aims to generate consistent income.Reach the financial freedom you’ve always wanted with our online training classes.


Generate monthly income with low risk strategy.


Long term wealth creation in stock markets just got easy.

Stock Analysis

You can read our analysis to picl the next momentum stock.

Free Resources

Beginners GUIDE

If you are just starting with stock markets,then this is the right post for you to read.Learn the basics with additional tips and tricks to stay ahead of others.As  a beginner,learning should be your first choice before investing/trading.

Trading Option

Options trading is considered complex due to its pricing model.We have simplified the process of understanding options and volatility for you.Learn options selling,buying and hedging strategies with our step by step guide.

Strategies Guide

Picking the right strategy plays a vital role in generating returns.With change in market conditions,you should change your strategy.Start learning various stock market strategy and the best way to use them.


Beginner's Loose Capital

Within first 6 months,90% of beginners loose there entire capital in stocks markets.Reason is lack of training,knowledge and no trading mentor.

Develop Trading Psychology

Trading psychology plays a huge part in individual traders performance.By connecting with right mentors,you can develop right psychology.

Advanced trading Course-Overview

Stock training to full-fill your financial needs and goals. We offer a continuous mentoring program on demand.

Day 1-3


Level 1

Market Basics

Understanding Market Psychology

Money Management

Introduction To Technical Analysis

Begin With Trading

Day 4-7


Level 2

Advanced Technical Analysis

Key Fundamentals

Risk Management

Advanced Strategies

Mastering Day Trading

day 8-12


Level 3

Hedging Strategies

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding Volatility

Long Term Investment