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We help people to identify good potential stocks for trading and investment.Investing in stocks is risky when you don't know the right price to buy.

Our online stock trading course advantage

1 On 1 Mentoring

Learn with our advanced mentoring live classes.We dedicate our time for your success.Individual attention is provided with step by step guidance to enhance your investment and trading decisions.Traders and investors have advantage of choosing flexible timings for mentoring sessions.

Open Interest Analysis

If you want to trade like professionals,you should be aware of your market sentiment.And best way of identifying market sentiment is open interest analysis.You can sell right at the top and buy at the very bottom.Knowing the exact support and resistance will improve your trading.

Professional Tools

Know how to use professional tools in these fast changing market conditions.Use our fully automated excel sheets for better entry and exits.You will be trading only high probability trades.Option chain analysis,open interest,India Vix,bracket orders with trailing stop loss,stock filters are few trading tools we use.

Supply And Demand

The best entries for a trade is always the unfilled order quantity price levels of institutions-FII'S and DII'S.If you understand exact price levels where institutions bought or sold a particular stock or future,you have an edge over other traders.We teach this in our supply and demand strategy module.

Guidance For Next 6 Months

After completing classes you can continue with our free 6 months practice session held every weekend.We forecast upcoming week opportunities and analyze trade setups,mistakes etc.Stocks we select for our portfolio and trading setups are shared with our students during this six months of guidance.

Low Risk Trading Strategies

Monthly income generation through futures and options trading is very much possible.Each trade of yours will be an hedging position.This reduces risk of  prices gaping up or gaping down on the next trading day.We always recommend our students to take low risk trades every single time.

Stock trading and investing requires patience,knowledge and experience

We have written plenty of guides on stock markets to educate new beginner's.You can view our free stock market information blogs if you are new to financial market.

Buying at right price for any listed stock is the key for long term investments in stock markets.Our guidance,risk management and money management will help you becoming an expert in stock markets.


Stocks are best for investments and we focus on teaching investment strategies using stocks in our course.Choosing the right stock at right price is the key.We teach how to buy fundamentally strong stocks when its cheap.Learn how to trade in stocks like a professional trader with our guidance.


Options are derived from stocks.You don't have to pay the entire cost of stocks.Its in lot size of stocks.You need to pay only the premium to trade options.We teach directional and naked option trading strategies that work very well in the markets.Learn how to use black scholes model for better trading.


Futures are contracts that expire every month.This includes stock futures,commodities etc.We teach monthly income generation strategies using futures.If you take 5 trades every month if futures,with just 35 % trading accuracy you can make good income every single month.Risk is pre calculated.


Commodities like Gold,Silver,Crude Oil,Lead,Zinc etc are traded globally.It is a highly leveraged product in financial securities.Mcx is the main exchange for commodity trading in INDIA.By spending very little time you can make a huge income using commodity and our proven trading strategy.

Stock trading and investment tips for beginner's

1.Make smarter investment decisions

You have an opportunity to make more returns than your regular fixed deposits or any other government bond schemes.Than why not choose stock market as your investment preference ??Get clear idea of where your investment should be.

2.Know the stock market psychology

Beginner traders come to stock markets with big dreams.You can have dreams but should follow the right track to achieve them.Psychology of stock markets are little different than other markets.Understand it better with our experience.

3.Don't hurry.Anxiety leads to destruction

This is common mistake every beginner makes in stock markets.This is not a place for quick money.Dont fall in the traps of intraday or day trading style,where you start thinking of quick returns.Wealth creation through long term investments are a better approach.

4.Choose continues learning path for success

Success overnight in stock markets are not permanent.Initially few beginner might see success but over a long run you need to adapt proven strategies.Never stop learning thinking you know everything.Stock market will teach you something new everyday.

5.Dont run away from risk's involved

Markets are uncertain.When you invest or trade you never know the output.The only thing you can control is your risk.It is you who decide what risk you can take.So rather than running away from risks involved in stock markets,start planning with proper risk management approach.

6.You don't need expensive software's to succeed

Software's will show you price levels in various different forms.You should understand why does a price of stock rise and why does it fall.Once you know the basic behind price change you don't need expensive software's to make an trading and investment decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need any experience for learning about stock markets ?

No you don't need any prior experience or finance background to succeed in stock trading and investing.Any individual can learn and make money from stock markets.

Is this stock trading course an advanced course or for beginners ??

Individuals who are starting from scratch or who are beginners can enroll in this course.And even those traders or investors who are well experienced and looking to gain more knowledge and improve there trading and investing skills, can also start our course.

Do you have trading classes on weekends ??

Yes we have classes on weekdays and weekends.

What are the class timings ??

You can choose your class timings between 5 pm-9 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Can we change our timings ??

Yes you can change your timings,depending on the availability.

Do we get certificate after completion ??

No,we don't provide any certification for this course.