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Our 21 days of advanced training will transform you into a professional trader & investor for the rest of your life.

Pure Price Action Trading Course

No use of lagging Indicators

You don't need any indicators to make trading or investment decisions.

Learn how to use the leverage

With margin leveraged, you can buy more stocks or trade in future contracts and make more profits with less risk.

Stop loss at right price levels

Place stop loss at price levels, which are really not predictable. It should neither be too high nor too low.

Long Term Investment

Learn the best investment strategies that have the potential to multiply your wealth.

Positional Trading

Aim for short term gains on your invested capital with minimum risks involved.

Day Trading Strategies

Follow our day trading system of a set of trade disciplines to generate more profits.

Monthly Income Trades

Trade setups which provide the opportunity to make profits every single month.

Why choose Stock Wizaards Trading Academy Course

Stock Wizaards Trading Academy provides Web-based live stock market trading courses. Students can learn during their comfortable timings. Learn proven trading systems that work well with all major trading styles like day trading, swing trading, and positional trading, etc. We teach pure price action based trading strategies, and you don’t have to depend on technical indicators that are lagging in nature like Moving Average, MACD, RSI, etc. Our 21-day personalized mentoring course completes all major financial assets like stocks, futures contract, options trading & commodity futures trading.

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You Will Learn

Fundamental & Technical Analysis
Trading Terminal/Platform Walk-through
Risk Management & Hedging
Investment & Trading Strategy
Our 21 days of live mentoring classes will help you become successful in stock markets. Learn how to invest and trade in stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities.

Regular Course Fees- Rs 28500

Your Offer Price- Rs 14500

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