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Looking for a place to learn about stock markets for free? Whether you’re a beginner, need advanced stock market tips and strategies, this is your home to learn about stock markets.

Learn how to generate consistent income from stock markets with the step by step approach.We provide free stock market training and paid stock market course.

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Beginner's Loose Capital

Within first 6 months,90% of beginners loose there entire capital in stocks markets.Reason is lack of training,knowledge and no trading mentor.

Develop Trading Psychology

Trading psychology plays a huge part in individual traders performance.By connecting with right mentors,you can develop right psychology.


Day Trading

Start to day trade like a professional trader by using suitable strategy,understanding market direction for the day and using proper risk management.

Swing trading

Learn to pick high momentum stocks which can generate quick returns in few days.Overnight risk is involved,which we will reduce by creating hedging strategies.

Wealth creation

You can create long term wealth by investing in bunch of right stocks.Learn both technical analysis and fundamental analysis to pick right stock at right Price.

Portfolio Protection

Investment and trading both contains risk.You need to learn and implement right protection strategies like hedging on your stock portfolio and trading positions.

Learn to trade without lagging indicators

Our trading strategy is purely based on price action and institutional order flow analysis.We avoid using indicators as it slows down our entry and exits.

Training during market hours

24 Live Class Sessions

Trade while you learn

You will be trading live with us during market hours.This will boost your confidence level

We teach you to trade in all segments

It doesn't matter,whether you want to trade stocks,options,futures,forex or commodities.You will learn to trade in all segments.

You Can Also Make Consistent Income

If we can succeed in day trading,you also can.Just follow our day trading system to generate consistent income from stock markets.

3 Stage learning process

Every trainee goes through 3 stages of training with us.We start with basics and complete with professional levels of trading and investing strategies.



Level 1

Market Basics

Understanding Market Psychology

Money Management

Introduction Technical Analysis

Begin With Trading



Level 2

Advanced Technical Analysis

Key Fundamentals

Risk Management

Advanced Strategies

Mastering Day Trading



Level 3

Hedging Strategies

High Probability Trades

Open Interest Analysis

Understanding Volatility

Long Term Investment


  • To succeed in any business,you need prior experience of how it works.
  • Or else you will have to learn by your own trial and error.
  • Implement our step by step process
  • Get 6 months after class support for free.

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Start here. There’s no better way to begin your Stock market education. Start with our Stock market introduction guide and learn the art of making money from stock markets.

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Do you know how to trade in zones?? You can identify buying and selling zones for stocks or any other trading instrument and time your entry like professionals.

Trade with Renko charts if you want to filter all unwanted noise inside regular charts.But you need to understand and learn how Renko charts are plotted.

Institutions are big players in stock markets.If you can understand and identify institutional order flow,you can certainly improve you trading accuracy.

Don’t want to hold any overnight positions ? Day trading is the best style to adapt.Learn the right way of making consistent profits  through day trading.

Learn how to swing trade like professional traders.Understand various risk involved in swing trading like gap risk and the best way to reduce your risk.

Create long term wealth by investing in value stocks.Value stocks can grow your money by multiple times.Learn the easiest way of investing in stocks.

Our Paid Stock Market Course Day Wise Schedule

21 Days class schedule

Day 1-6

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Knowing all major trading/investing securities
  • Choosing the right broker
  • Understanding Risk
  • Money Management
  • Understanding Buying/Short selling etc
  • Defining your objective
  • Understanding who is on the opposite side of your trade-Amateur trader or a big institution
  • Novice trader vs Pro Trader

Day 7-11

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Using key ratios like PEG,P/B, etc
  • Calculating future value of a stock-Fair Value
  • News and its effects
  • Technical analysis
  • Understanding charts
  • Knowing India Vix
  • Identifying supply and demand levels
  • Spotting institutional buying and selling price levels
  • Trading in the direction of institutions
  • Understanding unfilled order quantity

Day 12-15

  • Using bracket orders
  • Normal Stop loss/trailing stop loss orders
  • My Gtd order-1 month validity
  • Spread difference
  • Futures trading
  • Introduction to options
  • Black Scholes Model
  • Portfolio protection and hedging strategies
  • Commodities strategies
  • Currency trading
  • Introduction to day trading

Day 16-21

  • Day trading strategies
  • Stock selection for day trading
  • Market trend for the day
  • Reversal strategies
  • Trend continuation strategy
  • Monthly income generation tactics
  • Understanding market psychology
  • Developing right mindset
  • Live trading class
  • 3 Revision classes

Long Term Investment

Learn best investing strategies which has a potential to multiply your wealth.

Positional Trading

Aim for short term gains on your invested capital with minimum risks involved.

Day Trading Strategies

Follow our day trading system of set of trade disciplines to generate more profits.

Monthly Income Trades

Trade setups which provides opportunity to make profits every single month.

  • Trading with open interest-Stocks,Futures,Options and Commodities
  • Identify multibagger stocks
  • Supply and demand strategy
  • Weekly options writing
  • Trend trading strategy
  • Short time strategies
  • Identifying institutions pending orders-for better entry and exits

Buy right stock at right price and right time.

    • We don’t use even a single indicator for our trading
    • If you understand why prices moved from 100 to 105 or 90 to 85 you can make money

    Stop using indicators which don’t work for you

    • Learn how to add on value stocks every single month to your portfolio
    • Identify multibagger stocks
    • Find undervalued stock-Best for long term investments
    • Learn how to protect your portfolio during stock market crash
    • Learn to avoid overpriced stock Dividend strategy

    Add value stocks to your portfolio every month

    • Learn how to trade in the direction of institutions-FII’S and DII’S
    • Know in advance where to buy and where to sell
    • Monthly income generation strategies
    • Index futures trading masterclass

    Futures trading gives more leverage than intraday/day trading

  • Basic options understanding
  • Advanced greek values
  • Professional black scholes model
  • Master implied volatility
  • Hedging strategies with stocks/futures and options
  • Weekly options trade setup
  • Zero risk trades
  • Options selling strategies
  • Open interest analysis like a pro

Option’s are best used for portfolio protection.

  • Low capital requirement
  • Helps in adding monthly income
  • Trade as per international prices-NYMEX,COMEX,LME ETC
  • Be ahead of other traders
  • Master crude oil swing trading strategy

Best for beginners with low capital

Stock Market Course India- Topic Details

Basics of trading and investing

Fundamental Analysis

Learn to pick value stocks for your long term investments using fundamental analysis.You will learn to use key ratios of companies available during there quarterly and annual results.

Technical Analysis

Identify right price to buy or sell any financial securities using price action.You will learn to pick low risk high reward trades without the use of lagging indicators.

Risk Management

Most important topic to understand and implement to become a successful trader and investor is risk management.You will learn professional way of managing risk and protection strategies like hedging.

Monthly Income Strategies

You will learn multiple ways of creating consistent monthly income using leveraged products like future and options.Day trading in stock is also included in monthly income generation process.

ADVanced topics

Selling Options Premium

Using Elliot Wave And Fibonacci

Supply And Demand Concepts

Using Institutional order flow in your favor

More Benefits For You

21 Live Classes With Advanced Concepts
12 Advanced Trading And Investing Strategies
6 Months After Course Support
Trading Terminal Training Included
Pre Recorded Video Lessons Available For Revisions

Steps For Success With Our Share Market Training Course

Stock Market Course India Online Training Details
  1. Start our online course
  2. Open a stock broker account (if you already have demat account well and good or else we will help you to choose best stock broker platform)
  3. Start with a capital of just Rs 500
  4. Your classes will continue with live trading sessions for 6 months
  5. You will learn day trading,swing trading,options hedging and long term wealth creation strategies.
  6. Financial market segments included for you-STOCKS,FUTURES,OPTIONS,COMMODITIES AND CURRENCIES
  7. By the end of 6th month you will learn to make consistent income from stock markets

For Investors

Wealth Creation Strategies

Portfolio Building

Learn to buy multiple stocks and create a winning combination of stocks which have great potential to grow overtime.

Value Stocks

You will learn to pick value stocks with our simplest strategy which uses price action and fundamental analysis.

RISK management

Profit making is impossible with good ability to manage risk.Learn right way of of managing uncertain risks.


Futures are highly liquid derivative products and you need proven strategy to make profits.All our strategies focus on reducing risk of position rather than just profits.

Options combined with futures makes the best combo.But if you don’t know which option to buy or sell with parallel future position to minimize risk you are surely gambling.

Using options we also teach premium selling strategies and weekly income generation strategies.Additionally to this,you will also learn the market neutral strategies.

Part Of Monthly And Weekly Income Strategies.

Options Selling Strategy

Selling Costly Premiums

As you might know already,OTM options expire worthless.So there is an opportunity waiting for you to short OTM options and make entire premium as profits.

Trade Adjustments

But what do you do if it goes opposite to you ?? That's what we teach and we call it as trade adjustments.

Our Calculator

We have our own options selling calculator,which you can use for selecting best strike price for options selling.

Learn to trade in Commodities And Currencies

We focus on currencies for hedging purpose and short term gain strategy.Commodities we purely use for intraday/day trading purpose. 

Easy Setup To Trade

Most easiest strategy to trade and implement with pre-defined risk.

Low capital

You can trade in currency and commodities with a low capital.

No overnight risk

You will only focus on day trading/intraday trades with comoddities and currencies.

Consistent Income Solutions

Learn to trade in the direction of big institutions for consistent profits.We teach low risk high probability trade setups. 

Master the art of investment and trading with pure price action strategies

Stop Using Lagging Indicators

Indicators are lagging in nature causing your decision making process slow.By the time you make a decision,you are out of the game.Learn to trade with pure price action for better consistent results.

Advanced Stock Market Training Course Overview

Are you willing to get trained ??

Our Paid course fees

This is an advanced online live course.You will directly interact with our mentors.Best part of this course is,its going to be an 1 on 1 live class,not in batches or groups.

Personalized Mentoring Course Fess-Rs 28500

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