Trading Guide For Beginners

Chapter 4

Trading in stock markets means to buy or sell financial securities with an aim of short term profits.Trading can typically last for a day and can be carried till 4 weeks.Anything above 4 weeks of holding process should be considered positional trading.

So if you are new to trading, lets look at three types of trading styles.

Types of trading styles

  1. Day trading 
  2. Swing trading
  3. Positional trading

Day trading

Day trading is a style of trading where you exit your held positions by the end of the day.Positions held are not carried for the next trading day if you are doing day trading.For example if you buy XYZ company stock at $100 when market opens and sell it for a profit of $1 at $101 before your trading session ends,its called day trading.

Swing Trading

When you hold your positions for more than one day up-to four weeks its called as swing trading.In swing trading you always have overnight gap risk.Strategies used for day trading might vary from strategies used for swing trading.

Positional trading

Positional trading involves holding of financial security for more than four weeks up-to 3 months or more.But if you hold beyond one year,it should be considered as short term investments.

So what do you choose as your trading style ??

Well,it depends on your motive of getting started with stock markets.If you are looking to generate monthly income from stock markets,you should consider to start with positional trading first.So once you get used with positional trading and understand various risk involved in it,you can switch to other trading styles like swing trading and day trading.

Get started with trading guide for beginners

Next step to do is to get started with our day trading guide.If you are looking for free day trading resources,you are at the best place.Select topics from below table of contents if you are looking for a specific topic.If you are a beginner to day trading,start with Chapter 1-Stock Trading Introduction.

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