Institutional Order Flow

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Institutional order flow is the main reason behind big rapid price change or volatility in stock markets.When we say financial institutions with a perspective of stock markets we are referring to investment services providing companies like mutual funds and hedge funds.These institutions invest money on peoples behalf in stock markets,real estate and other financial securities.

Why understanding institutional order flow is important

Understanding institutional order flow will help you in placing right bets in stock markets.For example lets say you are buying a particular stock of XYZ company.Someone is selling to you those stocks.Your buying orders will not be executed unless others sell orders matches with your buy orders.

If its the institution who sold you the XYZ company stocks than you have taken a wrong trade.High price change happens if there is high volume.Institutions are the major reason for rapid price change.In stock markets institutions outsmart normal retail trader very easily.So understanding institutional order flow will get you on the high probability trade direction.

How to identify institutional order flows

We all use technical analysis and chart patterns to enter a trade.Some traders may use pure price action for there trading instead of indicators.When you look at price charts like candlestick charts or bar charts,you should think about what the big institutions can do at current price levels.Lets say a particular stock reaches its life time high.What could happen is either it can create more continues highs or profit booking will come into play if its a long upside price change.If you see prices falling from those life time high price levels,you should start marking it.

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